Saturday, 18 April 2020

Garden bird photography during lockdown

I was hoping to get a bit more wildlife photography done this Spring but obviously that has been put on hold for a while.
I've been getting a bit of practice in doing some garden bird photography and processing in Capture One Pro and Affinity Photo.
It has been a good time to swap from Lightroom to Capture One with me having plenty of time to get used to the new software. I'm more than happy I switched, I was getting fed up of the £10 a month Adobe subscription and do seem to be able to get more from the Olympus Raw files.
This Blue Tit photo was taken at ISO2000, Capture One Pro does a very good job of cleaning up the noise without losing too much detail.
I used Affinity Photo to add the shadow and logo to the image for web use and do find Affinity Photo more simple to use than Photoshop which in my opinion is too complicated for most photographers needs.

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