Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Olympus 60mm Macro and in camera focus stacking

I've just bought the Olympus 60mm F2.8 Macro lens so thought I'd try out the in-camera focus stacking feature on the Olympus OMD EM1 MKII.
Another very useful feature in the Olympus system, this image was 5 images taken at F2.8 and focus stacked in camera. The thing I like about the in-camera stacking is you can shoot at a wider aperture to keep the background bokeh but have more of the insect in focus. The 5 Raw files are also saved so you can stack them manually for better quality if you wish.
I know this fly image isn't perfect but there's a lot of settings to play with and I was quite happy with it for a first attempt.


  1. Steve, well done with lots of detail. What were your camera settings. My primary gear is Nikon D850 but I recently invested in the Oly E-M1 iii. I only have a couple of lenses so far but his lens is on my bucket list. In camera focus stacking in on my practice list. Did you shoot this handheld or on a tripod?

    1. Hi John, this was taken at F2.8 1/125th ISO400 handheld with IS set to auto.
      It is an in-camera focus stack of 3 shots with the setting-3 for the focus differential.
      I had the camera set to RAW but the in-camera stack is a jpeg, the RAW files are also saved to the card so you can focus stack manually afterwards. If the in-camera focus stack works ok it gives you a good indication that a manual stack will be possible.
      We haven't had the weather up North for me to do as much testing as I'd like but first impressions are I am going to like it :-)

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